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Bhulls is a design studio founded by Riccardo Parmiciano Borgström and Giorgia Farina that combines innovation, handcrafting and sustainability to realize limited edition projects. We are eclectic, urban nomads, passionate, designers, urbanest, craftsmen, artists, dreamers, we are determined, but always ready to make a step backward during the design process to obtain the best results.

Aluminimum 2020

Aluminimum 2020

Eliminate the superfluous, emphasize the simplicity!

Recognizing the necessity of aesthetics as an everyday experience, the studio aims to generate a new eclectic language that combines function and sustainability into a new minimalism through the interaction between
materials, light transmission, refraction and reflection.
The design concept of the limited collection Aluminimum 2020 is the pursuit of simplicity, from the choice of materials up to the production and manufacturing processes. The objects are made in aluminium, mixed with copper or glass. Light and resistant, the collection is designed for both indoors and outdoors, and suitable for every style. Each object is fully recyclable and composed of a few pieces, easy to assemble and to transport. Every project comes out from a deep study of materials and their properties, and it’s realised with prime quality materials and highly skilled craftsmanship.
The collection is composed of two sections, each reflecting a different approach to the production process.