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3DD Factory is a design studio born in the heart of Milan by Dylan Campardo and Diego Rapuzzi in 2017. The two young designers, respectively 27 and 25 years old and both graduates from the European Institute of Design in Milan (IED), they shape reality in a metaphysical and surreal key. Their designs, their furnishings act as a teleporter and they lead to distant, imaginary places where everything is possible.



Enigma Side Table is 3DD Factory’s marble living room monument. A creation designed by the Italian designer Diego Rapuzzi.

The furniture was created to convey solidity, harmony, refinement and quiet. But also mystery, the arches, finely worked by Italian artisans, invite you to discover and recall those ancient peoples who drew the Italian cities with mastery and rigor.

Enigma draws inspiration from them and from the metaphysical works of painter Giorgio De Chirico, to explain metaphysics said: “Everything has two aspects: one current, what we see almost always and that they see men in general; the other, the ghostly, who cannot see that rare individuals in moments of clairvoyance, of metaphysical abstraction “.

And so the 3DD Factory Side Table is a challenge to space-time: it lives in the present but takes us on a journey into the glories of past ages.

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