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Deventer | Netherlands

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Lennart Lauren is a design studio founded by the Leerdam Brothers. Their work could be defined as an interaction between industrial production methods and experimental material constructions. Pushing the boundaries of the existing, resulting in clever detailing with a clear function, strengthens the studio’s design signature. The studio is mainly focused on self initiated product design and commissioned projects. Based in the city of Deventer (NL)



A simple fire bowl with great versatility. The design language is based on the traditional stove burner. Which ensures recognition but also more functionality.
Available in two sizes; both are made up of five sturdy basic elements but clearly differ from each other in terms of use. By placing one of the different grids you transform the bowl into a special cooking place.
And with the largest model you can light a solid fire while your favorite dishes are ready in no time. Executed in Corten steel or enamel, both with a
stainless steel grid and available in two standard sizes.
95% recyclable.

Back to basic with an open and spacious fire pit. A circle made up of a repeating pattern of geometric facets.
Which provides extra strength in the product but also adds more efficiency to the production process. The overall aesthetic gets an exciting and
contemporary character trough this combination of sleek and round lines.
And acts as a connecting element in the outdoor space with its sculptural properties. Executed in Corten steel with a standard size of Ø 90cm.
Various sizes are available on request.
99% recyclable