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Dutch designer Sandra Planken is an artist and designer. She is the founder of Studio Noun Amsterdam. All the products and interiors that she has designed are based on her intuition. Here designs are "for people who aren't afraid, those who yearn to add depth, vibrancy and boldness to their space.

The Happy Rug Collection

The Happy Rug Collection

Born from the designer’s fascination for cues from the human body and the earth Sandra encourages people to add depth, vibrancy and boldness to interior spaces with her rugs.

The happy & colorful wall rug collection consists of three unique rugs made from bright eucalyptus wools, which have been applied in cuddly layers and with different textures to evoke varied landscapes.

While the Lips design takes inspiration from female and male forms, with its intent to make you feel like you are being hugged and kissed by the wonderful landscape by walking through the wool. The Yellow Untitled aims to brighten interiors like the morning sun. The Yellow Untitled intends to evoke a sun decorated with textured pieces of the earth. The latest edition the Butterfly rug and its unique gradient is made to seduce you and inspire yourself in your home. The structures are combined into hypnotic butterflies. The decorative motif reveals a romantic composition of wings, flowers and strokes and when looked at closely all sort of details become visible.

This is achieved using the traditional technique of hand-tufting. Keja Planken chose to use European eucalyptus wool for as the fiber is naturally-occurring and can be sustainably produced. The designs are made out of Sandra her drawings and paintings.

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