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Tommaso Spinzi is a creative designer and consultant specialised in Interior Decoration and Furniture Design. The countries where he has lived and the mix of international influences he met, shaped his approach to design.

Meccano, Medusa & Planar

Meccano, Medusa & Planar


Sharp, masculine and playful are the pieces of Meccano Collection.

The technical aspect of the construction world and the leather details recalling car lifestyle give back a unique attitude to the collection. Edgy yet graceful Meccano represents the intimacy of Spinzi’s approach to furniture design with an outcome that is creative and classic at the same time.


Materic Fluidity is at the base of this set of side tables.

Coming from the vivid imagination of Spinzi and inspired from his memories of Lake Como, this family of products represent a poetic approach to the story of “medusa” bringing dynamism and elegance in the space that surrounds them.


Planar Tables brings together the delicacy and lightness of the planar surfaces connected to the world aircrafts with the smoothness of nature in its superficial finishes. Raw but classy, the table is an art piece that keeps honest and pure materials aged by the time and nature together with sleek details that gives precious light to the dark volume. Planar table was made in collaboration with Studio F,Torino

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