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Italian-Swedish studio focusing on design, interior design and styling, balancing between memories, dreams and future.



It all starts from the roots, a solid base that allows the power of growing to perforate all obstacles.
This is Mycelium, the story of sustainable handcraft and slow design.

Mycelium is not named after what we see, but what it allows us to see. The roots of the mushroom is what makes it grow strong, something invigorating and creative, concealed from our vision. Lotta, Mia and Jonas, names borrowed from a childhood that we can’t see, but that will always be present. These three siblings, with their own individual personallity, deriving from the same principles; a contemporary play on geometry and scale, and a gesture to the force of nature. By a monolithic base of local solid spruce, and a seemingly fragil glasstop, two worlds meet and become one, none of them possible without the other.

With this in mind, a playful collection of coffee tables was born, produced with love by local artisans in the Swedish region of wood, Småland. Each tree is handpicked from trees whose bark is infested or by other reasons needs to be taken down. We don’t belive in taking advantage of the nature, but in collaborating with her. A slow design, imbued by quality.