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Sjang Niederwieser

Product Designer

Maastricht | Netherlands

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Sjang Niederwieser designer & maker with a passion for materials, techniques and combining them in an unconventional way. A combination between design, art, craftsmanship and technology. Doing a lot of experiments, tests and rapid prototyping often leads to unforeseen results with lots of potential. I love both working with my hands and making 3D drawings on a computer for printing. By finding the right balance between machinery, craftsmanship and the use of only the very best materials results in unique and high-end products. Graduated at Maastricht academy of Fine Arts and Design in 2020.



A series of unique light objects in which knitted cylinders of pure silk float in an oak frame by the use of tension. This tension is created with 3d printed shapes and copper wire, where the copper wire also acts as a conductor of electricity.

A collection of light objects that are designed by combining different materials and techniques. A combination of knitting, 3d printing, wood-crafting and electrotechnical, and the use of the elastic quality of yarn to shape the forms.  

Combining multiple disciplines and using both machinery and my own hands, I made these unique and esthetic lightobjects. Along the process opportunities presented themselves that amazed me and shaped the final objects.

The use of good quality materials and with the finesse of the human hand, I produced objects with the care and attention they deserve. In this way, the objects have a ‘soul’, instead of being produced exactly the same over and over again. This resulted in a high-end collection of light objects which is the starting point of endless shapes and variations yet to come.