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Milan | Italy

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Daughter of art, she grew up and trained in Rome in the field of specialized restoration of works of art in a family business with about forty years of experience. From that system, where the knowledge of the constituent materials is the master, matures a growing need for experimentation on plastic materials that in a few years, results in a natural attitude towards the field of design.



Fuːd is a capsule collection that winks at the world of food & beverage. Three pieces designed, designed and created for the restaurant environment, the home environment, but also for the photographic set of food styling: two serving boards and a gravy boat.

Three pieces that tell these three moments and these three generations, three pieces that tell the story of the personal time of the designer/artist, where the explicit form always plays by subtraction constant to see something more.

Fuːd, whose name echoes the past, but also the branch of food design; it welcomes much of the past but also shades of the present.