Clara María Rúa Ariza

Product Designer

Barcelona | Spain

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Clara María Rúa studied Global Design, with a Major on Product Design at Elisava, Barcelona School of Design and Engineering. Her basis is the design whose material allows us to take advantage of what Nature gives us every day, taking maximum care of the environment and the aesthetics of each work.

2048 – Homo Agaricus

2048 – Homo Agaricus

Creating circularity from the red algae of the Cantabrian sea

2048: Homo Agaricus is a Research and Development ongoing project started in 2017 based on experimentation on red algae. When the agar biopolymer is extracted from these, a residue is created: algae flour. The idea is to transform this residue into a new resource, thus closing the circular economy.

As a result, Clara presents a low stool that is bio-based, biodegradable and compostable, since it is made entirely with the species Gelidium sesquipedale, Rhodophyta or red algae of the Gelidiaceae family, from the Cantabrian Sea, in the north of Spain.

“As a designer, I am concerned with meeting the needs of the user, always focusing on minimizing environmental impact. Therefore, sustainable materials and a deep investigation and experimentation of them are the basis of my designs. In order to reduce the ecological footprint I take a chance on globally connected local production. Nature gives us all the materials we need; everything is in front of our eyes, we just have to observe.”

“With this project, which started as speculative design, my goal is to open new business perspectives for this material, share my enthusiasm and inspire other designers to innovate in the field of biomaterials.” Clara María Rúa

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