Zümra çetinler

Material Designer

Istanbul | Turkey

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Zumra Yagmur Cetinler is a industrial design student in Istanbul Bilgi University, curious about learn more and researching on bio-materials and designing bio-based products.



The harm caused by disposable plastics has reached an indispensable point. The harm it causes on earth especially the water ecosystem is effecting every kind of creature and every part of living environments. Unfortunately people have developed need for single use plastic over time and it became an undeniable habit to consume disposable plastic. Creating non destructive single use plastics without having to change the habit of using disposable plastic. And doing this for the takeaway food and beverage places, which are the most common areas of disposable plastic consumption, by using their own product residues for creating bioplastic packaging.

Bio’c is a brand where new recipes and methods are designed special to the specific takeaway food and beverage places according to their menu.Using the advantages of the bio material creating a new ways of usage and integrating the auxiliary ingredients like sauces and spices to the packagings.

The packagings are designed and produced for a specific food place, according to their menu and their own food residues. The recipes, production methods, moldings are designed and also new ways of opening for the packaging are created to benefit from the material itself. Also the auxiliary ingredients are integrated to the packagings.