Caro Pacheco

Material Designer

Santiago | Chile

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Carolina Pacheco is a designer focused in the research and development of local biomaterials. She believes in the power of design as an influence in reframing cultural perceptions and new relationships with materiality by opening the barriers of entry to biomaterial knowledge and experimentation.



Calcáreo studies the possibility of designing new manufacturing processes in design based on the bioreference of calcareous organisms of the marine ecosystem. The project questions and proposes a new way of relating and understanding matter based on less disruptive dynamics that foster a link with understanding natural systems.

Through the research and development of calcareous materialities, it seeks to involve people in a more active way in the reformulation of perceptions that we have with objects that surround us and their production cycles. This is why the processes and recipes developed are open source and of free access to open the barriers of entry to material experimentation.