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CooLoo believe that beautiful high-quality design and art can be created sustainable within a circular economy. They are bringing people together and inspire international companies to close the circle. CooLoo designs and produces high quality ecological coatings.

COOLOO Ecological Coatings

COOLOO Ecological Coatings

CooLoo specializes in the development and production of waste-based coating technologies and finishes. At Materialized we present two newly developed coatings. One is made with waste from linoleum manufacturer Forbo, the other is made from shredded banknotes.

We develop and create zero-waste products that suit a circular economy in accordance with the 9 R’s. By working together with fabric recycling companies, leather production, and upholstering companies, foam recycling companies, and many more we find ways of transforming waste materials into high-quality products.

At Materialized, hosted by Isola Design District, we are giving a preview of the CooLoo Circular Canopy that will be presented during the next Milan Design Week.

We believe that beautiful, high-quality design and art can be created sustainably within a circular economy. Shaping a better world by thinking circular. With our collaborators and partners, we bring people together and inspire international companies and designers to close the circle.

Waste materials from linoleum, leather, cork, pearl-glass, and even banknotes are being reused to create unique and innovative art and design. The Canopy shows how you can create stylish and durable products with the use of waste materials and showcases groundbreaking technology of collaborators that allows you to design out waste entirely. A new economy is on the horizon!