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Hubli | India

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Rashmi Bidasaria is an Indian designer, who enjoys blurring the boundaries between different material media to find new interpretations that are often inspired by her native roots and cultural understanding. Through her work she aims to bring together all stakeholders - network of designers, researchers, technical experts and the citizens to a common platform. Her practice is shaped by her background in architecture and product design and her work extends from spatial experiences to objects and artifacts. Developed around mixed media , her work, brings a multidisciplinary approach to her practice. She likes to engage with people and communities and enjoys the process of uncertainty and discovery with them..

Dross & Kaagari

Dross & Kaagari


Dross investigates the recovery of steel slag, ramming mass and residual heat that form a large percentage of the waste by-products of the molten iron processing industry.

By using the materials and residual energy found on the geographical site in context, the project focuses on innovating with industrial methods and manufacturing techniques common to the factory worker by following principles of utility and proximity.


Kaagari explores the celebration of a craftsman as a front runner in his craft. Hand Block Printing, a 500 year-old traditional craft in India, is now becoming redundant due to advanced digital printing systems and is requiring craft individuals to realise the worth of continuing it.

Kaarigari is aimed towards delivering recognition to the artisans towards their work by highlighting their individuality, to feel a sense of pride in this ‘mechanical’ work that they do. The project records the nuanced signature movements and translates them into patterns that become each artisan’s individual signature, an impression of their time, work and body. 

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