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We are Fungi Narratives - we want to experiment with sustainability on a social and ecological level and keep exploring the duality between the man made and the natural. Antonia is a communication designer focusing on sustainable development and strategic design. Sofia is a fashion designer with a focus on sustainability and specialising in upcycling. Marianne is a fashion designer with a focus on sustainability and a big interest in biomimicry.

Fungi Narratives

Fungi Narratives

Fungi Narratives is a material and design research project from 2019 by Antonia Fedder, Marianne Hansen, Sofia Fiorentino Sarrate and Mads Kodbøl Vindelev Jørgensen, four students part of the Design School Kolding Master ‚Design for Planet‘. The fact that we come from different backgrounds within the field of design supported the diversity of the outcomes of the project that was based on the material research course. Coming from the backgrounds of fashion design (Sofia, Marianne, Mads) and communication design (Antonia) our different work processes and interests highly complimented each other and ultimately resulted in a project ranging from paper to embroidery.

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