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Parma | Italy

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After graduating at the University of Florence, she obtained a master’s degree in "Urban Management and Architectural Design" at the Domus Academy in Milan and, subsequently, a specialization in "Temporary Space & Exhibition Design" at the Politecnico di Milano. Specialized in interior renovation, since 2016, after winning the contest ”Calls for ideas" held by Corepla, her work has focused mainly on studying the properties of recycled plastics and on experimenting its use in interior and urban design.



GALILEO is the name of the directional recycled plastic wall lamp 100% recycled, 100% recyclable Galileo is a directional led wall lamp. It is inspired by the Moon and its circular movement around the Earth, remembering how our economy should be today: CIRCULAR and no longer linear.

Galileo is a challenge that wants to demonstrate how plastic waste can turn into a precious material, contributing to the reduction of plastic waste and global pollution. Galileo consists of three parts: the frame, made with the scraps deriving from the processing of steel; Black Dapple, the recycled plastic panel by Smile Plastic; led technology. A sustainable, recycled, and recyclable design.