Lisanne Kamphuis

Design Studio

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From Lisanne's childhood her interest in plastics, sparked by her father, has finally led to the start of their company KUNST-S. Her goal is to show the outside world but also within the plastics industry the beauty of plastic waste that she have always seen! ​



The recycling of plastic is currently a ‘hot’ topic in the sustainability discussion. Nowadays, companies are constantly expected to cooperate. But what exactly can you do with plastic waste?
KUNST-S offers an answer to this question with a new processing technique.
The mission of KUNST-S is to re-create added value regarding plastic waste. With this goal in mind, Lisanne (founder) KUNST-S started developing a unique processing technique in her graduation year.
Out of curiosity how things work a unique process has been created during a period of time. Because of this process KUNST-S can deliver you a piece of design that will exceed your expectations of this material, the true hidden beauty of plastic waste, merged with today’s modern design! KUNST-S gives plastic waste qualities that are similar to high quality classic materials such as stone, marble and ceramics.

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